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Medical astrologer and occultist to Queen Elizabeth I, Simon Forman tattooed himself with cosmological symbols at calculated astrological moments in the year — a time when tattoos were considered to both conjure and cure — in an attempt to alter his destiny. The two mediums share a fundamental intimacy and violence; their executor bears and martyrs himself. If you only have one, then that tattoo on its own carries a lot of responsibility. Getting a tattoo is a form of being honest with yourself? I was skeptical as to how we could logistically make that happen, but we hustled a bit, and eight days after the idea came about, we were getting off a plane in Afghanistan with full body armor and some tattoo gear. I took my more than my daily dose of Quaaludes and clenched a beer. These birds along the neck are simplistic, yet beautiful.

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What do you think of this guy who has the skull tattooed on his face, like a permanent mask?

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Ghosts War Romance Tattoos: SCOTT CAMPBELL, Great American Folk Artist

Some sexy tattoos bring to mind lingerie, laying just perfectly to show off and bolster her sexiest places. If you have any doubt, speak to an attorney. I'm one of them. Can you speak a bit about your work with Heath Ledger? I just went for everything. So, in honor of one of the greatest ladies in Hollywood, here are the sexiest Kristen Wiig pictures, videos, and GIFs, ranked by hotness.

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