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She spoke a little louder. Hidan's outline abruptly vanished, carrying his jubilant cries into the living room and into the kitchen. What sort of interest rate are you wanting? A half an hour of Kakuzu's frustrated sighing, refusals to give Sakura a goddamn economics class, because she should know this shit already, and Sakura was ready to make the big announcement. NF staff is currently looking to add new advisors.

Sit still for one damn minute

Ceiling Zetsu is watching...

Hidan forced her head to nod, though, cheeks still in his hand. She gasped and fumed, stomping her foot and not even caring that a block of ice watched her every move. Was he still out there, looking for his partners or plotting revenge? He tries to step in, and might drive away people who honestly mean well for his son. Usually if they get mad, he will leave Tobi alone so they can scold Tobi instead of him. Unfortunately, Hidan hadn't evaded black ops for years and years with no side effects. Hidan was trying his best to hide his condition all throughout her speech.

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