Natural cure for anal fissures

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Causes Anal fissures are generally caused by stretching of the anal mucosa. Use cautiously with seizure disorders and kidney or liver dysfunction. Chronic use of laxatives may lead to "lazy-bowel syndrome," in which the stomach and intestines gradually lose the ability to contract without being stimulated by the laxative. Abramowitz L, Batallan A. Use cautiously in patients using anticoagulants blood thinnersdue to the potential for excessive bleeding to occur. An acute anal fissure looks like a fresh tear, somewhat like a paper cut.

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Fissures may be considered primary with no known trigger or secondary there is a likely trigger.

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Effective natural remedies to cure anal fissures

Be aware that prolonged use of cascara may lead to dependence and tolerance. Gastrointestinal Acupuncture For Constipation? Anal fissure can be caused by passage of large, hard stools, trauma from child birth, chronic diarrhea, trauma from insertion of foreign objects, food allergy, or prolonged straining to pass stool. In the case of a chronic, nonhealing ulcer, infection by fecal bacteria is possible. Anal fissures may result in anal bleeding, which is noticeable on toilet paper or in stool in the toilet. A qualified healthcare professional should be consulted before taking Ayurvedic herbs.

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natural cure for anal fissures
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natural cure for anal fissures
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