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In year nine, Ramesses erected a stele at Beth Shean. To commemorate his name, he set before the temple of Hephaestus two stone statues, of himself and of his wife, each fifty feet high, and statues of his four sons, each thirty-three feet. The fact though there were lybians like the libu leading raids against egypt raises questions about their level of organsitation. The battle initially looked to be a rout of Egyptian forces, but the timely arrival of Egyptian reinforcements resulted in a stalemate. The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus marveled at the gigantic temple, now no more than a few ruins. Dodson, Aidan; Dyan Hilton

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A mostly illegible stele near Beirutwhich appears to be dated to the king's second year, was probably set up there in his tenth.

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Egyptian mummy reconstructions.

Important among these is one of Ramses II's marriage to the daughter of a Hittite king. Ramesses decided to double the rate of temple-building, by seeing to it that the work was done in fast, and cheap, incised relief. After returning from there back to Egypt, he gathered a great army according to the account of the priests and marched over the mainland, subjugating every nation to which he came. Ramses' Grandfather and Father: He raised more temples, obelisks and colossal monuments that any other Pharaoh and ruled an empire that stretched from present-day Libya and Sudan to Iraq and Turkey.

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ramses ii facial structure
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ramses ii facial structure
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