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Hoping to get the murderous little midget settled and away from him, Trash complies, but apparently not enough to satisfy The Kid, who starts working the barrel of his gun into Trash's ass as a threat to continue the act. LaughingViper Aug 28, Beverly Marsh is one of the seven members of The Losers' Club. Will Apr 22, Mason May 10, For the most part, I loved the book.

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In "on writing" he says that he usually doesn't know how his novels are going to end.

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The Sex Scene In Stephen King's 'IT'

I'd like to think that Donaldson could have written just as good a story without making rape part of his protagonists CV The deadlights devour children; the lifelights generate them. It seemed that Beverly was bestowing something in some way, but I couldn't understand how or why she felt this should be the way to do it. Throughout the book, Beverly is not only self-conscious about her changing body, but also unhappy about puberty in general. That guy totally deserved to get eaten by wolves.

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