My husband is bisexual help

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We needed to explore in order to create more depth within ourselves and our relationship so that we could go on as a stronger, loving, more conscious couple. If you would like support around doing this, please contact me directly and we can set up some sessions. This does not mean that you are gay or bi. He knew it had to be done if we saw a future together. So I decided I would stay and risk it all too. I am sure she knew I was curious by this point but she eventually said if I am this curious you should find out so that I know if I am Bi or not. The article addressed this fear in a great way.

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How to Support Your Bisexual Husband, Wife, Partner

It would take at least two years before I could fully let go of my hurt and once again feel trust for him again. When you do however, the relief you can feel from letting that turmoil out is powerfully healing. This is something you need to get a hold of. Your husband has the same qualities that you fell in love with, and his bisexuality is another quality that you may have recently learned about. Or just say "Hi!

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my husband is bisexual help
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my husband is bisexual help
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