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What the fuck is this shit? She was raised as a Christian and was baptized in a Southern Baptist church. I wonder whom she borrowed the police gear from, because it looks like the real thing. She originally auditioned for the main character's best friend but ended up being contacted to audition for the main character and landed the role for her singing and acting skills. CM, the two soft, protruding organs on the upper front of her body are her tits.

Miley is the dirty one that shits all over the room and all over the walls.

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Do we suppose that she got picked up by the real police for indecent exposure when she did those pissing shots and then let her go on the proviso that she does them a few favours? She also had a minor role in the film Big Fish. Go on now, get ready to cum! Love hurts…especially without lube. Look at those big pink juicy nipples. The singer decided to jump into acting after she watched a play of Mamma Mia! Shes classy and sexy.

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