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This classic of cyberpunk won Nebula, Hugo and Philip K Dick awards, and popularised the term "cyberspace", which the author described as "a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions". A magic carpet is the last refuge of a people known as the Seerkind, who for centuries have been hunted by both humans and the Scourge, a mysterious being that seems determined to live up to its name. When it all starts to unravel, the carpet people's best hope is a pigeon-fancying insurance clerk and his half-Seerkind companion. Justine Jordan Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. There is so much creativity and enthusiasm behind these special-effects-challenged, cheesy old movies. When she reawakens more than a decade later, the young people she knew and loved have died, become junkies or or simply lost that new-teenager smell. Humanity ultimately transcends the physical and joins a cosmic overmind, so ushering in the childhood's end of the title EB Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop.

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He sends him back to the far future in an attempt to save the Eloi woman Weena, only to find himself in a future timeline diverging from the one he left.

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Review: Star Boys: A Sci-Fi Burlesque

Butler single-handedly brought to the SF genre the concerns of gender politics, racial conflict and slavery. Nobody can leave, except as a corpse collected for fuel. What might in other hands have been a mere end-of-the-world runaround is transformed by Bear's scientific knowledge into something marvellous, as reason overcomes paranoia and fear. A list of movies I have seen. And Star Boys is fun, summertime fare, as it combines a multimedia backdrop to this Cirque du Soleil style, fully nude revue.

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