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They are easily picked on for these things, not necessarily for their hair color, unlike the Red-Headed Stepchild. Learn more on our Support Center. Studies also show that surgeons need to use 19 per cent more anaesthetic on redheaded women than brown-haired women to sedate them. Sign in to our Contributor site. If they're not then they'll be an uncontrollable Fiery Redhead who gets into big trouble.

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Are redheads with blue eyes really going extinct?

Start Here No thanks. Boy Genius and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron is chubby, awkward, and frequently uses his inhaler as well as receiving other injuries specifically injuring his scapula. While redheads may be at higher risk of skin cancer than other Australians, we are all susceptible to the disease. There may also be other genes involved in the red hair colour, such as on chromosome 4but changes in MC1R are a common factor. She believes herself to be fat and is called "Fatty" a few times by some of the series' crueler characters. Nathanael from Miraculous Ladybug spends a lot of his time drawing, and is made fun of by Chloe for his crush on another classmate.

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